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Dyslexia: Enable the Learning Difference | Sue Blyth Hall | TEDxBearCreekPark

Unparalleled success’: Surrey TEDx talk draws online audience from 30 countries
The 2021 event culminated after months of planning and production, curator Alan Warburton says. 

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The Quiet Warrior ~ Tom Dutta

Tom Dutta interviews Sue Hall about a Whole New Look on Dyslexia, Fish Don’t Climb Trees and her TEDx talk


“‘Sue, I know you to be a brilliantly positive woman of great good heart, who is kind, energetic, creative and that you have the power to greet people as they really are, as individuals, who happen to have dyslexia, with the various gifts and accompanying characteristics. The more I think about it, the more I know how much I believe in you and your ability to shepherd positivity and educational reform.”

~Patti Bosomworth, Integrative Clinical Counsellor

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