Sue Blyth Hall

Sue’s professional training began experientially at school, but it was her son’s learning challenges that led her to discover her own dyslexia.  She trained as a Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator with Ronald D. Davis in the UK.  Since 1998, she has been honoured and privileged to have witnessed her clients’ ‘aha’ moments and is inspired by the realization that our children are here to restore balance and create a new paradigm in education. 


Sue’s first book, Fish Don’t Climb Trees was published in 2014 and she delivered a TEDx talk in March 2021 entitled ‘Dyslexia:Enable the Learning Difference’.  As a dyslexic, she never dreamed these achievements would be possible.  She delights in delivering information and Conference sessions, and ‘hands-on’ Professional Development Day presentations. She has hosted several Davis training workshops and Client Support groups and developed her own support materials.  She has also appeared on Global TV and CKNW Radio.  She created a series of FDCT podcasts and has been interviewed on several independent podcasts.


She founded The Whole Dyslexic Society in 2001 with four objectives: to improve the understanding around dyslexia; to fundraise, ensuring the program it advocates are available to all; to create and maintain a community of dyslexics; and to ensure that all children entering school have a cognitive equal opportunity.

Strangely, Sue loves languages but having taken French, English and German ‘A’ levels, and Latioin ‘O’ level, when she left school at 18, she promised herself never to read another book as long as she lived.  She worked as a secretary for 18 years (which included shorthand) before changing direction to become an integrative health therapist. 


When her son started school, she noticed his reading ability did not relate to his intelligence and powers of memory.  She discovered he was dyslexic; he had learning assistance and eventually went to a special school for dyslexics, where his abilities did improve, but when she attended a lecture on “The Gift of Dyslexia” she realised this was the much needed positive approach she had been looking for. After his program, her son described his dyslexia as a wound – other systems had given him band-aids for his wound, but his Facilitator had helped him to heal it himself!


She had no idea that she shared her son’s way of thinking until she trained with Ron Davis in the UK as a Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator.  She was intrigued to discover how much her ‘gift of dyslexia’ had affected her life, both in challenges and talents.


Moving to Vancouver from England was a very good move.  She loves to walk her dog on the forest trails, and beaches.  Taking some of her clients and their families on the annual Summer Camp weekend is one of the highlights of her year.  She volunteered at the Winter 2010 Olympics and for Pacific Assistance Dogs, and has discovered a passion for lawn bowling ! 


Fish Don’t Climb Trees offers you an explanation of the true meaning of dyslexia; the choices open to you; some experiences with which to resonate; myths to let go of and truths to hold onto; the reality of our education system and a new paradigm to strive for. Above all, you will have a sense of relief that your child is more than OK.  Everyone is learning-able – some of us just don’t learn the way we are taught – in a nutshell, our education system is built for the ‘pc’ individual and we dyslexics just happen to be ‘apple macs.’

“With infectious warmth and genuine passion, Sue challenges us to completely change our perspective on dyslexia.”

~Robin Temple, Author Dyslexia: Your Child

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