Fish Don't Climb Trees

A Whole New Look at Dyslexia

“This book is a 'must read' for anyone that is, or has a loved one, that is dyslexic.”

Ronald D. Davis ~ Author The Gift of Dyslexia

"I’ve just finished a phone call with a very excited mum of a dyslexic and ADHD teenager. As soon as her daughter was identified as being both, she began researching and came across your book, Fish Don’t Climb Trees and was totally inspired as well as informed. She said she found you heartwarming, positive and encouraging and just loved the asset and gift focus. In fact, it was your gentle heart-warming tone – she used that term a few times – most encouraging. And the fact that Davis has such a positive strength-based approach. I told her what a beautiful and gentle person you are and that I’d spent some time with you at the symposium, and about the Ted Talk you did. So I’m sending her a link to that. By the way, it’s ranking no 1 when I searched 'Ted talk on Dyslexia'!!"

Davis Dyslexia Colleague

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